Thursday, February 6, 2014

Alcafe Mocha

This Coffee confuses me. You see, when I haven't had any mocha in a while, this tastes wonderful. It tastes just like mocha should taste. Chocolatey goodness. Amazing. Lovely. Great. And other such positive adjectives. However, if I have been drinking the other instant mocha I reviewed, or real Coffee shop mocha, this tastes like water. Watered down, boring imitation chocolate.

So I'm confused.

How do you review something like that? Back when I used to drink a lot of instant mocha I would buy this one because it's much cheaper than others. And I was used to the taste and all was well. Now, I found one sachet left in the cupboard and it was fine, but I remember this odd thing from back then.

So instead of trying to make sense of this, I'll just conclude that if you have access to better, drink better. If you're looking for cheap, drink this. It's not bad as long as you don't go back and forth. I promise.