Last week my friend and I went out for a Coffee. Our usual hangout was full up, so she suggested we go to a Coffee shop she really likes, where I'd only been once before and I hadn't had Coffee then (the horror) (run on sentences, yay!). Said Coffee shop / café was Moksha in Brighton (UK).

It's a really pleasant, spacious yet little place. The staff were amazing, we had a bit of a banter before ordering and they were helpful as anything.

So, on to the Coffee.

I had, chronologically:

* A soy mocha milkshake (cold)
* A cappuccino (hot)
* A soy mocha (hot)

Yes, I like my mochas. I was looking at some of the others, but things that say "single" and "double" on the menu kind of frighten me, since I associate those words with vodka shots and while I like being high on Coffee, it just seemed a bit, well, frightening. Maybe when I'm braver.

The mocha milkshake was heavenly. I love cold/blended/iced/milkshaked mochas in general, and this did not disappoint. I got a large one, and large it was! My friend was talking to me, and I'm sure for some of it I looked glazed over because the mocha was so good. (Friend. Mocha. Hmm. Friend won out this time, but it was a close one.)

One may question the decision to have an icy cold drink in January in the northern hemisphere, but the heating was on inside and I was quite comfortable.

This is the first time I've had a cappuccino in a café so I wasn't sure whether one was meant to add sugar or not. I elected not to and the Coffee was fine without it. More bitter than I'm used to, but very nice nonetheless. Given that I don't have much experience with cappuccinos I can't give this a thorough review, but I liked it! So there.

Hot mocha. Now, here's where my expertise comes in. This is my standard Coffee when I go to a Coffee shop or café so I have some basis of comparison. I'm of the firm opinion that independent cafés make the best Coffee, and this stands. Moksha's mocha is lovely. The right taste, the right sweetness, the right amount of chocolate. I have not a single complaint.

In closing, it was a really lovely day and I have suggested to my friend that we make this our new haunt. I would absolutely recommend it.