Saturday, December 21, 2013

Starbucks Frappuccino

Starbucks Frappuccino (Mocha)

Let me start by committing heresy to some people:
       I am by no means a fan of Starbucks coffee.

That being said, let me clarify. I really dislike the Starbucks cafe coffees. This bottled variety found in many groceries and convenience store/gas stations isn't too bad. It's not high on my list of preferred cold coffee, but it's not as low as some things I have had in the past, either.

The flavor is actually pretty good. It really tastes as advertised on the label. You buy Mocha, you taste Mocha. Buy Caramel, you get *gasps* Caramel. One of my favorite upsides to this bottled coffee over the "fresh" variety available at the coffeehouse? This stuff doesn't taste burnt. This frappuccino actually tastes pretty sweet. Just the way I like it. It is also nice and light, so it goes great on a hot day as a sipper drink.

My only real complaint with this is the price. Nearly $3 for a drink that maybe lasts me about 5-10 minutes is a little much for a daily drinker, but if you have the money this is a fairly solid choice.

The Final Sip:

            -Weekend Worshipper

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