Coffee creamer
Fourth cup of Coffee of the day without cleaning the mug in between
Drunk warm, not hot

Yes, Nestlé is evil. Yes, this means Nescafé is also evil. Yes, I'm evil for being a consumer who consumes Nestlé products.

That out of the way...

This is my go-to Coffee. It's instant, which is often looked down upon, but as a struggling crafter and general philistine, and not to mention generally lazy and impatient person, I find instant to be simple and affordable. And it doesn't taste too badly either.

Being my go-to Coffee, this may not get a fair review. Biases are everywhere, and I'm so used to the taste that, hey, don't listen to a word I say. Or do, because I'm a reviewer and you're here to learn.


As far as instant Coffee goes, this is very drinkable. It's not too dark, so it doesn't taste too strongly or burnt. It's not too light, so it still has a nice, round taste. Well, if instant can be said to have a round taste. I imagine it's a bit sharp if drunk black. I wouldn't know. With Coffee creamer it's fine, a good start to the day. Even better with a touch of cocoa powder. Hide the taste, right?

But seriously. This doesn't compare to proper Coffee. It just doesn't. It's a cheap, easy alternative if you drink Coffee a lot and don't care too much about how it tastes. It's for the caffeine junkies. It's for the people who want a hot drink right now. It's for the people, like me, who can't afford to drink seven cups of nice Coffee a day.

If you want instant Coffee, I'd recommend this. If you want good Coffee, get a Coffee maker and follow this blog for real recommendations.