Thursday, November 28, 2013

Coffee-Mate vs Sainsbury's Coffee Whitener


They taste the same.


Whitener is less sticky. And cheaper. And you get more in a pack. So... that's me sold.

Winner: Sainsbury's Coffee Whitener

Ow! Ok! Ok!

...The Snob has very kindly and gently pointed out that this is a rubbish review, so let me start over.

I've been using Coffee-Mate for a long time because I can't use milk (intolerance) and I don't like the taste of soy milk in Coffee. This means that I'm very, very used to the taste of this ubiquitous Coffee creamer.

I found the Sainsbury's Whitener while browsing the grocery section on their website, and at first I dismissed it because it has more cow's milk content than Coffee-Mate. But the thought stuck with me. And as my intolerance goes in ebbs and flows, I finally figured I'd try the Whitener while I was having a good period.

It turns out there is no appreciable difference.

No, seriously. The imitation creamer is actually really good. It's well worth trying out if you don't like/want milk in your Coffee and you don't want to use a brand name product for whatever reason, be it cost or, y'know, consumer conscience.

I'm very happy with this creamer and I will keep using it. So my conclusion stands: Sainsbury's Whitener wins it for me.

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