Monday, December 2, 2013

Coco Cafe--Cafe Latte

I was really excited to try this, I imagined that, upon taking my first sip, the clouds would part, a beam of light would shoot down from the heavens to shine on me and me alone, and I would hear the sweet song of angels singing praise to the almighty coffee.

What actually happened was less thrilling.  I opened up the container, I took a sip.  I closed it and shook it up again, why was there a chalky texture?  It was slightly better upon second sip.  It tasted good, but nothing more than mediocre.  I was hoping for hints of coconut since it was mixed with coconut water, but really only tasted it when I strained too.  I'm sure most people would probably prefer it that way, coconut water is an acquired taste.

Other than the mildly offputting texture if it's not shaken up VERY well, it's rather good, definitely something I'd buy again.  The price though, it's what catches me.  While I can get a HUGE cup of black coffee for $1.69, this weighs in at almost $4 for a container half the size.  It's got the gourmet price sans the gourmet flavor.  Despite containing a shot of espresso, it also doesn't have the same pick me up as my usual coffee.

I guess overall, the most I can say about this is that it was also mediocre, not at all the divine experience I was looking for, but passable and a lot more portable than my usual coffee.  Also, it's served chilled, so it's much nicer on a hot day--of which we have plenty in Florida.

Bottom Line:

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