Yes, this is instant again. Yes, the Snob has made her feelings on instant quite clear. But this particular instant is so NICE.

This Coffee is pure heaven from the first sip until the last. Now and then, when I haven't been to a real Coffee shop in a while, it seems to taste exactly like real mocha. I know that's not true, but it's close enough that it tides me over at a fraction of the price.

The powder is a funny blend of white and brown tiny granules. Then the hot water goes in, I stir it, and chocolate Coffee amazingness is created. A little bit of foam, not as much as on real mocha but enough to show you that yes, this is Fancy Coffee. All that's missing is one of those chocolate powder thingies that make shapes. I like the shapes...

And then you drink it. And it's so chocolate-y. It's like someone took a milk chocolate bar and melted it and mixed it with water. And put a little bit of Coffee in it. And ...stirred it.

I think that last paragraph got away from me.

This Coffee is so smooth that it doesn't taste much like Coffee at all. You can sense a hint of it, but this is not, I repeat not, something you drink for the caffeine kick. This is pure pleasure. This is for rainy winter evenings (if you can drink Coffee that late), or for those mornings when you just can't be bothered and need a real pick-me-up. I mean... it's chocolate. Who can argue with that?

So after all that lyrical waxing and general waffle, why only four cups? Because it's still instant. It's not quite to the point of real mocha made with non-powdered ingredients. But if Coffee shops aren't your thing, this is actually a really decent alternative.