Monday, December 16, 2013

The Chianti Room at Pizzalley's--Espresso

If you ever happen to find yourself wandering around in the oldest city in America, right down the tourist hotspot of Saint George Street and decide you need a pick me up of pure divinity, this is the place to go.

A few weeks ago that's where I found myself, having brought the Weekend Worshiper into town to watch the Dr Who 50th and take a tour of one of my favorite historical spots.  We go there late and it was a cold day, plus we were edging on hunger.  Now, Pizzalley's has some of the best pizza you'll ever eat too, made in an old brick oven, it's absolutely fantastic.  It did take me a couple of tries to find the right place, but it was comfortable and out of the cold.

Though I'd already had some coffee that day, obviously there is no such thing as too much--after much debate about my budget, I decided to hell with it and ordered myself an espresso.

It came out in a perfect tiny cup, with a perfect tiny spoon, on a perfect tiny saucer.  Along with a stick of rock candy to sweeten it with.  I did, in fact, us the rock candy to sweeten it a bit before handing over the cane of espresso coated sugar to my toddler (what? Coffee love runs in the family!).  Slightly sweetened, this is absolutely lovely, some of the smoothest espresso I've ever tasted.  The nutty flavor really shines through.  My Coffee Snob tendencies were instantly pleased, and I'm certain you'd feel the same should you ever end up in the area.

Bottom Line:

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