Also known as Sainsbury's Basics Fairtrade Ground Coffee.

Coffee creamer
Fourth cup of Coffee of the day without washing the mug in between

The first time I made this Coffee, I got sick. I won't bore you with the details, but I didn't feel right for a day. I may have made it too strong, though, so I'm trying again. One must review these things properly, of course.

The packaging is the standard Basics one, with the (rather long) tagline "Robusta beans, dark roasted for an intense flavour". And it holds true. It's made from 100% Robusta beans, and it is indeed quite dark. I'm not personally a fan of very dark Coffee, but I don't really mind it either. However I loaded up with Coffee creamer just in case.

The first sip isn't too bad. It's not great by any stretch, but it's about what you expect from the cheapest Coffee on the shelf. The smell leaves a lot to be desired though, and as you drink on you realise why it's the cheapest Coffee on the shelf.

I think I'd have to be rather desperate for caffeine before this became a voluntary choice again. But the pack has been bought so down it must go.





"Improved recipe" says the little green circle on the front of the packaging. I have to wonder what it was like before. About the only good thing with this Coffee is that it's Fair Trade. I like Fair Trade. It makes me feel good in that lazy way that only slacktivism can.

I made about two cups' worth of Coffee in the machine and all I can think now, most of the way through the first, is "oh [deity of choice], I have to finish another one as well!" Why do I do this to myself? Because it's Coffee! You don't waste Coffee. No matter how bad it is. Almost.

Ten minutes later, my stomach is definitely not happy. And this is without drinking that second cup. I'll just hope it doesn't live up to the nickname I've given it...

Note: While looking for a picture of this, I realised it's not on the Sainsbury's website. Perhaps they've stopped selling it?