Thursday, December 5, 2013

Java Monster "Mean Bean"

So, for my first review, I am doing the Java Monster of the Mean Bean variety. Now, the Snob may argue that this isn't coffee, but it is. It also has more caffeine than normal coffee, so I really don't see where she has room to complain. For people who like the caffeine kick of the Monster brand energy drinks, this is just as good. For people who like the taste of coffee, this is good. For people who love coffee and Monster energy drinks, this is pure Brilliance in a can.

The taste is fairly smooth. Not bitter at all like Black coffee, but not too sweet like most canned energy drinks that come out. Obviously, it's best drunk whilst cold or at the very least, chilled. It probably wouldn't taste too bad at room temperature, but I surely wouldn't recommend it. Especially during the warmer months. Well, if you live somewhere that HAS warmer months. Florida seems to be nothing but warmer months, so this drink definitely has to be cold for me to consume.

The kick is exactly what you would expect from crossing coffee with an energy drink. I consider myself to have a fairly high tolerance for caffeine, but if I drink this too fast, or on an empty stomach, I get jittery and shaky. If I have eaten, or take my time in drinking, this is the perfect little pick-up for long boring shifts at work. And trust me, on night shift in a nursing home, there are plenty of those.

Overall, I consider this to be one of my Go-To drinks when I need a little boost, and I feel like having some good tasting coffee during the warmer months.


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