Monday, November 25, 2013

Best Bean Coffee--Vanilla Nut

I'd like to preface this by saying that yes, this is gas station coffee.  When you're getting a hot cup from the same place that people fill up their tanks, you kind of have an idea of what you're getting into ahead of time.  It's better in some gas stations than some though, and that's why I'm happy to have a Gate station right down the street.  Where else am I going to get a coffee and blueberry croissant fix for under $5?

I drank this coffee black, how it's supposed to be drank--though for the purpose of the blog I promise to branch out sometimes.  It's strong and dark and you will not taste a hint of vanilla in it, but it does have a nutty aftertaste.  Most people will load this kind of thing up with creamer to take the edge off it, but I've grown to love the bitter taste of gas station sludge, it's like pure caffeine entering your veins, you know the rush is coming.

Anyway, back to the coffee.  It doesn't have the slightly burnt taste that most gas station stuff does, even though I know I got the bottom of the pot on this one.  While it is strong it's not "nurse's brew" strong--you know, the stuff you can stand a spoon in.  It's great for people who like their coffee cheap, strong, plentiful, and with a little something extra to make them feel special.  In other words, it's perfect for me.

While it has it's ups and downs, it's pretty decent coffee for the budget conscious that aren't brewing at home. I really wouldn't buy it unless I was desperate and between paydays though--which is pretty often.

Bottom line:

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