Monday, January 6, 2014

Coffee Perks--River City Blend

Let me start off by saying that I do not buy this, nor would I choose to do so if the decision was up to me.  This is the coffee that flows freely from the pot into my cup at work, and you should never, ever turn down free coffee even if it's horrible.

And this is.

I won't say it's the absolute worst coffee I've ever had, you have to go to Starbucks for that, but it rates pretty low down there on the charts of flavor.  This is what those in the medical field would call nurses brew.  It's strong, bitter, black, and has hints of more strong black bitterness.

That said, over time I've acquired a taste for it.  When it's fresh brewed, it's very nearly palatable too.  These days I don't bat and eye or begrudge the coffee gods for the vile brew, but look at it for what it is: yet another way to deliver caffeine into my bloodstream so I can finish another day of work.  I hate to put my foot down and give this a low rating since it is the brew that I drink most often (again, free coffee!), but if it wasn't free, I can see no reason why a sane person would be willing to drink it.

Bottom Line:

(it is still caffeinated after all, give it some credit)

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